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Finer Values for the best Escort Service Now

The question of the usefulness of sex is fundamental and few of us have ever asked it. Yet, it is interesting to know if sex is cultural, naturaland pathological. Knowing where it comes from and what it really serves can bring many elements to better understand how Man works. We could leave today’s young children, our grandparents or the caveman. The situation would remain the same. Man and sex have always been intrinsically linked since its existence. More than 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were already breeding erect phalluses. And nearly 30,000 years ago, the Cro-Magnon Man was also reproducing his sexual practices on the walls of caves. Blowjob, anal sex and missionary position were already classics. With the Charlotte escorts the details come perfectly.

Sex is natural

We cannot link the desire for sex to culture or pathology. This seems noted in the DNA of Man. And he is obviously not more linked to reproduction. The proof is that the practices reproduced do not seem to be focused on this type of sex. Indeed, neither oral sex nor anal sex allows reproduction. But did the Cro-Magnon Man already use these practices, knowing that “classical” sex induced reproduction? In which case, he circumvented the phenomenon using other practices. Not as boorish as that … Just as a child discovers his sexuality alone. And not always on the advice of his friends or interest in a porn movie misplaced. A year-old child already explores his body and is attracted to the sexual organ. Again, all of this seems to be done naturally.

Finer Values for the best Escort Service Now

The cultural environment

On the other hand, we could link sex to culture when it comes to everything that surrounds it and personal behavior. Thus, talking about sex openly will depend first of all on national or regional culture. Then of his education. An Iranian and a Belgian do not necessarily talk about sex in the same way.

And so?

The advice is to have fun and enjoy as much as you can. For this, you can use your imagination, or use naughty accessories. And this, as men has done for at least 30,000 years. Vibrators, masturbators, vibrating eggs, naughty lingerie, sexy uniforms, erotic cosmetics … You have today a very wide range of products of all kinds to help you make the most of moments together, but also moments lonely.

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