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All you Want to Know about Strip Club Services

One of the first things San Diego strippers do is fit and flirt. Perhaps she will even sit on your lap or do something else to excite you. Her task is to shake your emotions. For this you do not have to do anything. You get a sample or a demo version of the service. If you like it, you order the service.

Reception number 2: Understand your customers

Strippers get to know their customers by asking them questions. Asking questions to customers, you will receive feedback from them and understand what kind of “weak point” to put pressure on during the sale.

Reception number 3: Choose the right words

San Diego strippers

Strippers in different ways advertise themselves to different clients, depending on what the stripper thinks herself, this client likes. For example, “I want to do it hard” or “Saw what a biting ass I have?”, Or “My tits are not silicone!”. With the help of a single such phrase, you can turn a potential customer into a buyer. (For example, I am affirmed that a stripper has a strong butt). The necessary phrases are selected on the basis of experience.

Reception number 4: Be sure that you are selling a good product or service

A stripper knows that her product must be perfect. If she gains ten kilograms or does not wash for several days, then the customers will be significantly diminished. Regardless of how strong your salesman’s talent is, selling a bad product or service will be incredibly difficult.

Reception number 5: Ensure good service

She will make sure that you were satisfied with the first dance, otherwise she will not be able to unleash you to continue.

Reception number 6: Upsail (convince customer to buy more expensive goods)

At the initial stage, she sells a relatively cheap service to her client – “dance on her knees” (if you are interested in reading in more detail how the strip industry works, I recommend reading the “Gentlemen’s Club” by Andrew Holmes). The next step is to divorce a client for a dance in a private room, a more expensive dance, and further on ascending. But, without selling the first, cheaper service, it may not even count on more profitable “deals”.

Reception number 7: closing the deal

She will use a variety of closing methods to get you to buy her services. There are many methods, but the most popular ones used by strippers are a compliment in combination with flirting and winning the trust of your buddies who will push you to complete your deal with her.

Reception number 8: Focus on the target audience

Strippers aim their efforts at those who are interested in their services. First, the stripper works in a strip club , where people come specifically to use her services (this is obvious). But the stripper also knows which particular guy in the company to approach, or at least to which company of guys. Spending precious time on a goon who is ready to shove her no more than a dollar per dance in her panties is not in her interests.

Reception number 9: Perseverance

Even though the audience is targeted, the stripper knows that there will be failures. In any case, she will come up to every guy and ask if he is interested in a “kneeling”dance. The more guys she asks, the more yes answers she will hear.

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